Meet Kevin Da Silva

Sales Representative

Since 2010, Kevin has immersed himself in the dynamic realm of residential property investment, showcasing his expertise as a property manager and a seasoned home flipper. Through his vast personal experience, coupled with a strong background in Marketing Management, Kevin brings a unique perspective to the process of buying and selling homes.

Kevin possesses an innate ability to spot potential, a genuine passion for research, and an unwavering dedication to becoming a consummate professional in Real Estate Services. When you engage with Kevin, you'll quickly realize that he is committed to empowering you with knowledge about your home value, the market, your neighborhood, listings, investments, and purchases. By providing you with comprehensive information, Kevin ensures that you make informed decisions based on solid facts and reliable statistics.

One of Kevin's core missions is to cultivate trust at every stage of the real estate journey. He endeavors to transform his clients into savvy buyers and sellers, imparting valuable insights that enable them to navigate the market intelligently. Kevin's collaborative approach not only fosters trust but also empowers his clients, empowering them to make sound decisions that align with their goals and aspirations.

With Kevin Da Silva as your real estate agent, you can expect a rewarding partnership built on professionalism, expertise, and a genuine commitment to your success. Discover the difference of working with a real estate professional who goes above and beyond to elevate your knowledge and ensure your satisfaction.